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Saying goodbye to you the other night was one of the hardest things I have ever done in my life I have never truly loved or have been loved by someone until you came into my life. And you proved to me how you did loved me by coming and saying goodbye in person. I tried to be strong enough for the both of us but you just took my hand and then held me in your arms telling me over and over sorry you were & how you didn’t mean for this to happen & how much you loved me as I cried then you grabbed my face and you kissed me & we made love one last time it was so passionate both of us with tears in our eyes. Then we drove back to my place & we parked neither of us wanting to say goodbye but we both knew we had to & we did you held me one last time I kissed you & told you I loved you as I cried and you told me to smile and that you loves me too and that if it didn’t work out with her you would fly straight back to see me but you had to try to make it work for your little girl and I told you I would wait as long as I could & you kissed me again and I said I’ll miss you & I could see the tears in your eyes you were trying to hold back & as I walked away knowing that was the last time I would ever see you again I fell to the ground as soon as I turned the coner I waited for you to drive away as the tears fell from my face but you took awhile to leave but then you finally did and my heart shattered completely I walked home praying that every car that drove by would be you coming back to me but it was truly the end of us at least for now and the last words I’ll ever here from you is I’m sorry … . .

Diane Abbott (via kushandwizdom)

(via laughterisadrug)

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